I've got questions! (click for answers)

  1. Why are we serving the community on ServeDay?
    We want Northside members to experience local missions firsthand for a day, to give families an opportunity to serve together to meet the needs in our own community, and to put our faith into action. We believe by serving our community's needs we are meeting our biblical command to care for the poor and needy, widows and orphans. It is a way for us on a large scale to show Christ's love to others in practical ways.
  2. How do we sign up for a project?
    You can sign up online through this website or at one of the ServeDay kiosks at Volunteer Central in the Lobby on the weekends.
  3. Our family has never done anything like this before. Where do I start?
    No problem at all - don't be intimidated. We've arranged lots of projects that are 'family friendly' (marked with a pink flower icon). If you have any questions or concerns, we'll be there to help you every step of the way.
  4. What about kids? Can we bring them along? Is there childcare?
    Yes, you can involve your kids. Kids can make a great addition to the serving team, provided the projects match their maturity and skills. Look for a project with the pink flower 'family friendly' icon. You'll still need to check the minimum age for the project. You'll know best what project will be a good fit for your family. Free childcare will be provide for kids age 5 and under this year during ServeDay. To sign up for childcare, please register your kid(s) by clicking on this link: https://mynorthside.ccbchurch.com/w_form_response.php?form_id=78
  5. Who do I contact if I have questions about my project?
    Each project has a Project Leader who should be able to answer your questions. You can find that contact info on your Project Page.
  6. Where do we go on ServeDay?
    Go directly to your project location. Your project page should have a link to the Google Map location. If not, please contact your Project Leader.
  7. What if it rains on ServeDay?
    If you have an outdoor project on ServeDay and bad weather prevents you from working on your project that day, you have a few options: 1. Your project leader will ask if the host mission has an indoor optional project. 2. Reschedule your project to the following weekend. 3. Cancel the project altogether. 4. Find another last minute project as a family. Your project leader and host mission should help with alternative ideas or rescheduling.
  8. How do I get a ServeDay t-shirt?
    Just signup for a project and stop by Volunteer Central to pick up your free ServeDay t-shirt. Be sure to wear it on ServeDay!
  9. Can friends or small group members sign up to serve together?
    It's a first-come, first-serve registration. You can register your own family on one registration, but not your small group or friends. The best way to get to serve together is to communicate with your small group or friends to sign up quickly before all the spaces are full.
  10. What about verbalizing the Gospel to them?
    Your goal is to serve. Memorizing a pat response to use with everyone you encounter will not work. Share your faith in a spirit of servanthood.
  11. Will this be any fun?
    We probably wouldn't tell you if it wasn't, but "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is fun!" - A near quote of 2 Corinthians 3:17...

    Whether you are hosting a neighborhood carnival, painting a mission house, or landscaping a park; ServeDay projects are designed to allow us to exemplify the character of Christ through fun and exciting serve opportunities.

  12. Are there any secrets to making this work?
    Do as good a job as possible. Let's leave everyone we touch with a positive impression of both the love and quality of Christ. Smile while you serve! Don't be distressed if everything didn't go as you expected, so be flexible. The real power in our serving projects is in the offer to serve, even more than in the action of serving.
  13. What happens when we serve others in love?

    a. We're escorting people forward.
    Our job isn't to see everyone we encounter come to Christ on the spot. The apostle Paul said we are to plant and water seeds (1 Corinthians 3:6), but ultimately God is the one who does the harvesting work. Paul also said there is great power unleashed as we plant deeds with the power of Christ's kindness - that this kindness, in fact, leads others to repentance (Romans 2:4).

    b. We're answering their questions.
    In this age of selfishness, it's startling for someone to do a deed of kindness with no apparent strings attached. It's only natural for people to ask, "So, why are you doing this?" After we serve, we simply answer the natural questions that come up. We don't have to be experts in defending our faith to answer the typical questions people ask during servant evangelism projects.

    c. We're loving them into a relationship with Jesus.
    These "Show the Love" projects are happening to love our community into relationship with Jesus Christ. In our quest for tending to our church community, and growing into the kind of people God wants us to be, we can't forget about the world that God so loved that He sent His Son, Jesus, to die for it. With each act of love and generosity, we can make a difference.

  14. Who pays for these projects?
    Many of these projects will not cost anything to you or Northside. In many cases, we've asked the host mission to provide supplies, while we provide the labor. In some instances, that mission doesn't have the funds for such supplies and we've found a way to provide those necessary funds. A couple of projects may ask for a love offering to help offset these costs, but your project page would note that. Some projects that require each participant to bring tools/supplies (such as a paint brush or hammer), we're asking each participant to provide those supplies. There's no registration cost to any of the projects.
  15. What if things go wrong during our service project?
    A few things will definitely go haywire when groups begin to serve sacrificially. It's best to have a flexible, teachable attitude as you serve. And don't forget to practice smiling as you do it!
  16. What if we want to serve again AFTER ServeDay?
    Great! We hope you will. You'll need to contact the mission directly to make arrangements to volunteer again. You can also return to this webpage to view other local service opportunities.
  17. What if I want to change projects?
    So you're going to be difficult, huh?
    You'll need to call us at (812) 542-4073 or email us at misions@mynorthside.com to let us know to pull your names off of a particular project. Go ahead and register for your new project. ...And try to stick with it this time.
  18. I have a new project idea. Would you add it to the list?
    Maybe. If you have a ServeDay project idea and would like to be the Project Leader, submit your idea with via email to dnewland@mynorthside.com.
  19. What if I don't see a project that fits my family?
    If it's because you're a little late for your other Top 10 choices, we're sorry! Early bird gets the worm. If you just don't see something you like, consider stepping out of your comfort zone and try something new. You just might discover that God has you there for a reason. Another option is simply to look around your community. Try to identify a need and feel free to serve there.